Chicken Liver Pate

Posted: 2012/02/10 in Uncategorized

Yeah, it’s further homage to the humble clucker. Don’t eat organ meat? Well Pluck You!

Pate is something that’s deeply satisfying…maybe long ago our caveman ancestors spent a few lazy afternoons bashing mastodon livers into paste with their clubs. Unfortunately they had no fresh chewy baguettes to rip up and spread with the pate…I suppose a filthy all-purpose finger or animal bone for the more fastidious had to do. When you think about our current horror of germs…and I have seen women (annnnnd some men) actually scream out loud at a small dark smear on a toilet… hysteria fanned by our ‘scientists’ and NBC…it’s astounding the human race thrived. Of course if you read Clan of the Cave Bear…which was a Martha Stewartish prehistoric manifesto…you might think it was all real nice and cave people washed all the time in that glacier fed lake and used wildflowers for shampoo. Maybe they did…after all we’re still here. What do I know? Ok back to the chicken. Most chickens processed for meat in America are doomed to a horrific existence in battery cages until they’re plump enough for electrocution and mutilation and plastic wrapped and then delivery to our supermarkets.  Sometimes you get a pack of chicken breast I swear to god must be from a turkey on steroids.  Other times you get some that must have been from puny chickens who spit up their growth hormone pills or something.  Ok…the liver. I believe once an animal gives up its life for our food we should be obligated to eat as much as possible of it to show some respect.  Don’t worry I am not taking that to the extreme, no feet, no eyes, no fatty bumhole.  When buying the chicken livers you will find them conveniently packaged in plastic tubs near the chicken bin at your market. If you have some access or enough energy to toddle off to a shop where they manage specialty meats ask the butcher for a couple pounds of fresh livers – he has them because he spent half his day cutting up whole chickens.  Mostly he will be happy to get rid of them.  Oh I should have mentioned earlier – if you do not have a food processor or nice blender there is no way you can make this particular recipe.


2 Lbs. chicken livers

1 cup butter

1 large Vidalia onion

Bit of salt and pepper

Pinch of cinnamon powder

Roughly chop the onions.  In a large skillet melt the butter. Drop in the onions and on a low flame sweat them until they are translucent (3 minutes) then add the drained livers and salt and pepper. Let the whole mess cook over a low flame until the livers are cooked…stir about at times to prevent any crisping of anything.  If you are in any doubt about the liver being done slice on open. If you see a light pink center …uh the pink of a pretty peony…not barely cooked tenderloin…its fine. Remove from heat and wander off for 5 minutes to let it cool down a bit. If you have a food processor, dump everything in adding the pinch of cinnamon powder and turn it on. If you are using a blender you will have to do this in smaller batches.  It takes about 2 minutes to make a silky pate.  At this point you should taste it so you know if you have salted it enough for your palate.  Try to resist the urge to just keep eating it. If you have a bowl you are using just pour your pate in there and cover with plastic wrap. If you are using a mold with the intent of turning it out of the mold at some point – line whatever container/mold you are using for the pate with plastic wrap which overlaps all the edges. Pour your pate in the mold and fold the plastic wrap over until it’s sealed. Refrigerate. I usually do this overnight to make sure it’s perfectly set.  To serve you can just uncover and flip onto a serving plate.  Here you can exercise some creativity. Sprinkle the pate with finely chopped parsley or cracked pepper. Even if you manage to recreate yer lump of pate into a Faberge Egg your guests will demolish it like brutish proletariat in minutes.

There!!! That’s it. I like it best with fresh buttery smelling baguette chunks…or Carr’s Table Water Biscuits. I have seen a mania for using croissants but personally although I love the taste of croissants all those oily crumbs falling everywhere drive me…yah have to keep licking yer fingertip and pick up every one of them…which distracts you from eating more pate.

  1. Baxter Aubin says:

    Silly goose.

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