Cooking is a way to relieve stress and at the end of it you might have a nice meal instead of a hangover, divorce, nasty drug habit, or several trashcan liners full of body parts you have to hump around to dumpsters in distant neighborhoods. So before you throw bleach on your insignificant others clothes prior to burning them consider cooking something other than your hapless former love interest’s couture. Take all that karma sucking energy and go grocery shopping. Poke your finger all the way through ripe fruit or rip up heads of radicchio if you need to bleed off tension. But consider a recipe as your prey and the grocery aisles as the open veldt..stalk your prey and bring down your culinary trophy. Proudly lug it back home and prepare it over fire…really…how far have we come from those caveman days? Not far… that’s how far. I will offer up recipes that swing as wildly as my moods between trailer trash cooking and haute cuisine. Cooking can keep you sane. So Welcome to Tralala’s Diner.

  1. Jedrek says:

    Culinary masturbation. It’s fun. It makes a cloudy day sunny.

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